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Hello and welcome to a how-to guide on creating the certified payroll report or federal davis-bacon prevailing wage projects a certified payroll report certifies to a public agency that the appropriate prevailing wages were paid to each worker it also facilitates the reporting of fringe benefit payments that are made to individuals and to approved bonafide benefit plans it is a requirement on construction projects built under the federal davis-bacon and DB ra or davis-bacon related acts these certified payroll reports must be submitted on a weekly basis here's an example of weekly certified payroll report form and you'll note that there are several forms available out there for your use on most projects your labor appliance program may require a specific form and in that case you should comply it should be noted however that most labor compliance programs and federal agencies included will accept printouts from your full job cost accounting software packages as long as they understand where all the information is the form that we are going to be using today is a federal form that is optional as long as you submit your payrolls to them with all the information on them they cannot mandate what form that comes in here's a public works payroll reporting form for the department of industrial relations in the state of California and you'll see that it even has a different look regardless of what the form looks like all must be accompanied with a statement of compliance this will be signed by the person paying or supervising the payment of employees working on prevailing wage project and again they have to accompany every weekly certified payroll report once you begin working on the project payroll reports must be filled out and submitted for every week thereafter even when you perform nor weep no work on weeks where you do not perform work create a no work statement something that is acceptable is to create a payroll report with all of the pertinent information and simply state on it that no work was performed that week in this session we are going to work through the process of creating a certified payroll using a federal davis-bacon prevailing wage of determination so these are the wage classifications and the rates that we will be using in this example we have building laborers group 1 their base rate of pay is $26.50 per hour plus an additional $14 and 92 cents in fringe benefits we're going to be using iron workers their ornamental reinforcing and structural iron workers their base rate is $33 per hour their fringes are 24.4 T cents per hour we're using heavy equipment operators from the heavy construction portion of the davis-bacon rates Group one their base rate is 36 dollars and 13 cents the fringe benefits are 20 dollars and 77 cents we will be using the federal wage and hour division form for reporting the certified payroll you can obtain this by simply going.


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