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You okay hi I'm Kate Shelby from HRD and this is our October training session on Family and Medical Leave Act we're trying we have about 70 people signed up and as you can see a lot of them are doing the live streaming which we really think that's a great option for people especially those that are located all around the state and we're going to try to encourage people that are doing the live streaming to ask questions and on Matt's link there's a section for chat is that the correct it's the chat section right next to the picture and you can write in a question and send it in and we'll ask our speaker to answer the question you could also send Susan Hoyt she's one of our HR professional staff and she's got a laptop here and you can send her an email if you have a problem with the chat or use the Google Chat to try to get to her and we'd like to see as many questions as we can from the field because so far in all of our trainings we really haven't had any questions and this is the question box which is to help you ask questions when you don't use a microphone the recording doesn't pick up the questions so this way everybody can kind of share and pass it along and toss it but not throw it kind of like a football so so the plan is to have Vance know an assistant attorney general make a presentation on the Family and Medical Leave Act please feel free to ask well unless you'd like them to wait till the end but I was going to have a question and answer period at the end so if you if you need to ask at the moment you can or you can save questions for the question and answer period we also have Debbie rusi with us she's with the ani agency HR and she'll just take a few minutes after the question and answer period to tell everyone what a and I has done as an agency to update their Family and Medical Leave process and paperwork just as a method of information sharing and I know large agencies have established practices but some of the small agencies maybe need to have some things to share from the bigger agency so that that's just 5-10 minutes of discussion on what an agency is doing so I will turn this over to Vance know and I'll leave the question box here Thanks hi everybody I'm Vance no I'm a personnel attorney at the office of the Attorney General and thanks for showing up and for all the I didn't know we'd have that many people online watching so thanks everybody for tuning in I've been asked to give kind of a refresher update on the Family and Medical Leave Act and so I was planning on breaking that.


What qualifies you for FMLA in Michigan?
To be eligible for FMLA, you must have 12 months of employment with the State of Michigan (does not need to be consecutive) and you must have physically worked 1,250 hours within the previous 12 months. For questions on FMLA eligibility, contact the Disability Management Unit (DMU) by phone at 877-443-6362.
How do I apply for FMLA in Michigan?
To apply for a medical leave of absence. Submit your application. Online, or. Print, complete and fax an Application for Leave of Absence. Have your treating physician complete one of the following. FMLA Certification of a Serious Health Condition, or. Non-FMLA Medical Certification. Not sure if you qualify under the FMLA?
How do I apply for FMLA in Florida?
Applying for FMLA The employee's health care provider must complete a certification form that validates the employee's serious health condition or that of an immediate family member. The employee must provide this certification to the employer within 15 calendar days of receiving it.
How do I apply for paid Family leave in Michigan?
To apply for a parental leave. Submit your leave application. Online, or. Print, complete, and fax an Application for Leave of Absence. You will need to provide the DMO with one of the following. Child's birth certificate (if you already provided this to take a maternity leave you do not have to submit it again)
Can FMLA be denied?
FMLA requests may be denied due to a lack of evidence. Employees are able to challenge the decision of the employer through their company's HR department. It may be a simple case of failing to provide sufficient evidence when making the initial FMLA request.
Do you get paid for FMLA leave in Michigan?
Although FMLA leave is unpaid, employees may be allowed (or required) to use their accrued paid leave during FMLA leave. When an employee's FMLA leave ends, the employee is entitled to be reinstated to the same or an equivalent position, with a few exceptions.
How much is paid family leave in California?
California PFL pays claimants approximately 60 to 70 percent of their weekly salary, with a maximum of $1,357 per week. Employers may allow workers to use vacation, sick, paid time off, or other leave to supplement their PFL benefits to receive up to 100 percent pay.
How does California paid family leave work?
Paid Family Leave (PFL) provides working Californians up to eight weeks of partial pay to take time off work to care for a seriously ill family member, bond with a new child, or participate in a qualifying military event.
Is FMLA in California paid?
If eligible, you can receive benefit payments for up to eight weeks. Payments are about 60 to 70 percent of your weekly wages earned 5 to 18 months before your claim start date. You will receive payments by debit card or check 14 it's your choice!
Who qualifies for paid family leave in California?
To be eligible for PFL benefit payments, you must have. Welcomed a new child into the family in the past 12 months through birth. Paid into State Disability Insurance (noted as "CASDI" on most paystubs) in the past 5 to 18 months. Not taken the maximum eight weeks of PFL in the past 12 months.
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