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What form of birth control prevents pregnancy the best and helps a girl fill out some?
There’s several kinds of reliable birth control. Many have hormones in them (that naturally occur in the female body) and can influence your weight and figure, and other things too. Unfortunately it’s some trial in error in finding what works best for your body. Pills are the most flexible in terms of having lots of different formulations. Depending upon what kind of a person you are, there’s other options too. Pills are great if you will be good about taking them reliably every day. There’s other options that you don’t have to think about everyday, and can be more private.I would look online at the Planned Parenthood site, or at the CDC website for modern and UNBIASED information on what your options are, and where you can get them.Good luck, and good for you for asking the question.
How did pregnancy change you and your life? (Regardless of the outcome.)
Pregnancy made me appreciate my body. My first experience was terrible. Preeclampsia and a cervical balloon to help dilate the cervix…(they lied when they said you should dialate 1 cm per hour…it took 8 hours!)…then after 36 hours of labor they did an emergency c-section because my son was face up instead of down. Yikes• It's very scary crazy when you're body takes over and there's nothing you can do. The second child was 4 hours and done and naturally delivered despite them recommending another c-section I stuck to my guns and did the vbac! I wasn't in a hurry to be cut open again! So after being on both sides of the fence, I've learned the human body is an amazing thing and childbirth is no joke.
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